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We do right by humans and the planet.


Welcome to the 1st International Congress on Biotech Solutions for Sustainability, an international event that brings together the stakeholders related to biotechnology. Our focus is creating an environment of innovation and collaboration where experts can come together to share ideas and knowledge.

Join us for a dynamic program of insightful sessions, on three main biotechnology subjects: Medical, Industrial and Plant Biotechnology. Besides the detailed program of the congress, for all attendees, there will be expert-led workshops and networking opportunities to connect with fellows from academia and industry. Together, we can drive innovations in sustainable biotech solutions and create a better future for all.


Our Focus Areas

We aim to create a space that fosters innovation and discovery in the field of Biotechnology. Our Congress brings together experts and startups from all areas of Biotechnology to collaborate and share their knowledge. With a focus on fields such as Plant, Medical and Industrial Biotechnology, Omics, startups, and IVDs, we strive to create a community that is working towards enabling us to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Gebze Technical University is honoured to organise this year’s congress in the university Congress Hall with our colleagues from MNS University of Agriculture, Multan, Pakistan. The congress provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere where academic and professional minds can unite and create something significant. Our halls have all the tools and amenities required to create a successful event, including advanced technology and comfortable seating for attendees. We are all welcome for hybrid attendance for international audiences and abstract submitters. Following registration, online attendance information will be delivered separately. 


The Congress is a unique opportunity for professionals in the field of biotechnology to network and exchange knowledge with all stakeholders. Through keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops, we aim to create an environment where participants can explore the latest research and innovations in biotechnology. The event is organized under Gebze Technical University, Institute of Biotechnology, in collaboration with MNS University of Agriculture, Multan, Pakistan and prestigious research and development institutions.

Organizing committee

The Scientific Committee at our congress is made up of respected academic and industry professionals from around the world. With extensive experience across diverse fields, the members of our committee are dedicated to providing attendees with the most engaging and thought-provoking sessions possible. We carefully select subject matter experts who have a deep understanding of current trends and can empower our attendees with practical insights that can be put into immediate use.

Scientific committee


Congress attendance is dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and innovative practices among young scholars, advanced researchers and industrial leaders. Our congresses provide a platform for professionals to share and learn from each other in a setting of open dialogue and collaboration. With a wide range of topics and expert speakers, attendees can expect to come away with a wealth of knowledge and a new network of professional connections. Join us for our to be a part of the conversation.

Important dates

Please check Program for upcoming presentations.

Abstract submission deadline

April 24, 2024

Please check your mail following registration and payment to receive a confirmation letter. If you do not receive any confirmation, please send us an email.

Registration deadline

May 8, 2024

Competition entries are now closed.

Photography competition

May 1, 2024

Venue site is going to be at Kelebek Cafe in the campus. Registration required.

Gala dinner

May 9, 2024

  • MD Simulations for Protein-Ligand Complexes Workshop 

  • C. elegans workshop

  • Western blot workshop

  • Proteomics workshop

  • Mineral analysis of plant, soil and food samples

  • Discovery of Microbial and Cell Culture Bioreactor Characteristics


May 7 or May 10, 2024

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